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Episode 16

A Shift in Being - Guest Author and Coach Leon VanderPol

Published on: 9th February, 2021

As visionary and illuminating as it is instructive and practical, A Shift in Being is a guide for all those who desire to support others to explore and transform their inner world, and to embody new levels of personal reality.

This book takes you on an inspiring journey that reveals how transformational coaching is perfectly positioned to enable people to experience and express their true selves. Not by using an intellect-driven, 'figure it out' approach, but by shifting their attention to what is emanating from deep within. Their paradigm then shifts, radically changing how they experience themselves and the world around them.

In clear, relaxed prose, Leon VanderPol takes you through the process of facilitating soul-deep transformation, masterfully weaving together coaching, healing, psychology, and spirituality with an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to open people to their highest truths.

•The first part explores the stages, patterns, and dynamics of human transformation—essential knowledge for all those who do transformative work.

•The second part introduces the Deep Coaching approach and nine transformative practices that will forever change the potentials of your work.

In fact, A Shift in Being will change your life – and through you, the lives of others.

For over twenty years, Leon has devoted his life to personal development and inner transformation. Through his work, Leon helps people discover and embody who they truly are, beyond all beliefs and judgements about themselves.

At the core of his teaching lies the transformation of human consciousness--what happens when we consistently begin to experience ourselves beyond our ego-based state of consciousness, as our essential self and soul.

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