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Episode 8

Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur - Guest Author Kimberly Maska

Published on: 22nd December, 2020

JOY! This is the feeling that I got when Kimberly Maska agreed to appear on my show to talk about her book, "Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?: The Six shifts To A Six-Figure Spiritual Business".

This episode was so much fun to record. I have to admit that I had a few moments of feeling starstruck because I got to talk to someone that I admire.

Kimberly Maska is the creator of Spiritual Biz Coaching Certification Program, publisher of Spiritual Biz Magazine and the CEO of Spiritual Biz Publishing. She is THE Vibrational Marketer for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. She uses her business and marketing expertise to show spiritual entrepreneurs how to Make Money While They Meditateā„¢. She brings nearly 20 years of business development experience to the table, including 8 years on Wall Street. Marrying her business expertise with her love for a high vibration life, she has made it her mission to show spiritual leaders how to realize their greatest potential and turn their life calling into a lucrative business. It is her goal to help 5000 spiritual entrepreneurs create 5000 businesses in the next 5 years.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Visit her Website HERE

Use my Amazon Affiliate Links to purchase her books:

"Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?: The Six shifts To A Six-Figure Spiritual Business"

"CHAOS: A Wake-Up Call For Lightworkers: We Have Been Preparing For This For Decades. The Time To Serve Is NOW"

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